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released August 20, 2013

All songs written, performed and recorded by Tim Becker
Spring / Summer 2013



all rights reserved


East Ends Dortmund, Germany

three chords, four beers, no future


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Track Name: Cooler Than Me
Look at you. You're soothing like a shot of morphine. And I'm sitting here by the window wishing you showed up on my street. But I know that you won't be around. 'Cause I live in the wrong part of town. Guess I got to get acquainted with all these drinks that I haven't had yet. While I recall the events that made me understand you're way more than just a friend. When we rode on my bike through the warm summer night. And I felt it. The concrete was melting. Now I know what it's like to be in love for the first time. I always knew you are so much cooler than me. And I know this sounds cliché but I'm already struggling to forget that 30 minute drive from the lake back to the city. When you sat so close to me in the backseat. And the draft did its best to fight the heat.
Track Name: Bets
Place your bets right now. It all begins to show. Who was wrong and who was right we will never know. Now everything will change, we'll go our separate ways. Your picture's just a shadow now and dust covers the frame. What a shame. I'll never see your fucking face again. Someone's blasting "Time to Pretend" again and again. I guess this is the end. "Keep your head up high", that's what they've said when I broke down like a lunatic but I guess that's just life. I feel it in my bones: I'm better off alone. These walls and rooms are haunted now 'cause everybody's gone for good. Take one last long look. But is this loneliness? Is this loneliness right now? I don't know.
Track Name: Guts
Gimme all your green beers. I'm really gonna need them. I'm having a seizure because you are leaving. Been throwing up in the shower for one straight hour. Think I've spilled my guts out. Not sure if I had them at all. But if you find them let me know. I need them to get something out. My stomach feels so fucking empty now. And then I collapse. And then I collide. With a smash. And there's fire. And I can't see straight. No I can't see straight. I spilled my guts out a long time ago. But if you find them let me know. I need them to get something out. My stomach feels so fucking empty now. I didn't have the guts to tell you...
Track Name: As Soon As I Get Home, I'll Sleep
These days I'm doing fine for only one cause: I'm hanging out with you and we share a lot of laughs. No-one else would laugh at all my stupid jokes. No wonder I fell for you a long time ago. But then every Friday night you dance with all those cooler guys. And I'm there wishing you would dance with me. Instead I slowly drown myself in beer. Now I'm slowly stumbling home through all these lonely streets with no-one but the moon in company. Luminous neon signs all blinding me. I pray to god I hope I didn't lose my keys. 'Cause as soon as I get home, I'll sleep. I won't wake up 'til New Years Eve. And then I'll shoot myself up to the sky. Alright. For years now I've been stuck in this dead end road. Would you please grab hold of me and don't let go? If only I had a map and some directions, too, I'd fill up my car and drive straight to you.